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ShiftWise Connect: A case study with Baton Rouge General

ShiftWise has released a case study with ShiftWise Connect user Baton Rouge General (BRG) detailing its experiences and the outcomes achieved from implementing the system. The case study is the perfect opportunity for current and prospective ShiftWise users to get an inside look at how the new service can be leveraged to accomplish strategic tasks such as improved recruitment and retention of staff.

“As a hospital system, we’re in growth mode,” says Anne Segura, director of employment and HR services. “We’re looking for greater efficiency and increased productivity. By using ShiftWise Connect we accomplish this with happier staff and a smarter way of working that leads to time and cost savings.”

Outcomes achieved by BRG that are detailed in the case study include:

  1. Dramatically improves fill rates for open shifts.
  2. Improves quality of care delivery by ensuring qualified staff fill shifts.
  3. Significantly reduces phone calls and improves recruitment and retention efforts.
  4. Increases employee and patient satisfaction.
  5. Decreases administrative and labor costs.

Download the case study now and see for yourself how ShiftWise Connect improves employee engagement in a real-world situation.

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